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Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan

Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan originated with Master Yang Luchan  (1799-1872), was standardized by Master Yang Chengfu (third generation Yang family master), widely promoted by Master Yang Zhenduo (4th generation Yang family master) and is continued today by Master Yang Jun (6th generation Yang family and 5th generation lineage successor).

The hand form is characterized by its large extended postures, evenly paced slow movements, well-developed internal energy focus, and adherence to the "Ten Essentials of  Tai Chi Chuan" (guidelines for proper practice, written by Master Yang Chengfu).

                              Master Yang Jun


Master Yang Jun demonstrates Xia Shi (Low Form) while instructing at the 2005 seminar in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Photo © 2005 NH Tai Chi Chuan Center.


Born in 1968 in Taiyuan, Master Yang Jun is the 6th Generation descendant of the creator of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. Son of Yang Dao Fang and grandson of Master Yang Zhen Duo, Master Yang Jun is the bearer of the Yang Family heritage. In July of 2009 he was named 5th Generation Lineage Successor.


Master Yang Jun began his training with Master Yang Zhen Duo when he was only 5 years old. He is proficient in Tai Chi Chuan, Sword, Saber, Push Hands, and many other forms of Tai Chi. Beginning in 1982 when they went to Singapore, Master Yang Zhen Duo has taken Master Yang Jun with him whenever he traveled abroad to teach. Now, after nearly twenty years and dozens of seminars around the world, Master Yang Jun has become a teacher in his own right. His skill is unquestioned. His forms seamlessly combine softness with hardness, finesse with flair, and restraint with expression.


Since 1995, Master Yang Jun has served as the Vice President of Operations and Training of the Shanxi Province Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Association with over 30,000 members in his hometown province of Shanxi. In October 1998 Master Yang Jun created the International Association and has served as President since. In August of 1999 Master Yang Jun moved to Seattle with his wife Fang Hong to formally begin working for the International Association and to establish a school in Seattle. Master Yang Jun represents the first member of the Yang Family to live outside of China.


Master Yang Jun graduated from Shanxi University in 1989 with a degree in physical education. In 1995 the Chinese WuShu Academy recognized him as a famous WuShu master in Shanxi Province. In 1996 he was certified as the highest level national judge and served as the head judge at the 1998 National Tai Chi Chuan Competition in China.

   International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Assc.

In October of 1998, Master Yang Zhenduo and Master Yang Jun established the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association, uniting the Yang Family Tai Chi Centers (formerly the Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Centers). The Yang Famiily Tai Chi Centers are committed to teaching Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan as taught by the Yang family in China.

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